Zambia 10 Deadly Bugs Proof Crowns

Now this is a set that you don’t see often… In 2010 the Cape Mint made a collection of 10 (Ten) full colour silver plated crownsized 1000 Kwacha. They depicted 10 different deadly bugs of the world. We start off with The Funnel Web Spider, African Bee, Jumper Ant, Giant Hornet, Scorpion, Harvest Ant, Tsetse Fly, Bullet Ant, Mosquito and finally the famous Black Widow Spider. Originally these beautiful proofs were thought to be silver, but they in fact heavily silver plated with a full colour picture of the bug on the back. Each choice Proof coin comes in a capsule to protect it and to protect you from the bug, even if it is only a photograph. The current catalogue price is £35-$45 a coin, making a minimum catalogue of $350 (£267.00).
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SKU: FZA4602