Yugoslavia 500 Dinara 1935 P32 AU/Unc

#Yugoslavia 500 dinara 1935 P32 Pastel pinks and greens Allegorical women seated with sheaves of wheat/ King Peter Crisp A Unc
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I n the 1930’s Yugoslavia had a series of banknotes printed in that exquisite French style of printing in delicate pastel shades. We are delighted to be able to offer Crisp AUncirculated and better examples of the 500 dinara dated 1935 (P32). The front depicts a portrait of the young King Peter II to the left with a crowned double-headed eagle and shield at centre. He was the last King of Yugoslavia and his godfather was our own King George VI. After the German invasion of 1941, Peter left the country and ended up dying in exile in the United States in 1970. His remains were eventually returned to Belgrade in 2013. The back features farming women seated with scythes and wheat. These are lovely notes in lovely condition at just £24.50 each