Yugoslavia, 500 billion dinara, 1993, (P137) VF-GVF

The highest denomination note issued during the crazy hyper-inflation period in the early 1990's
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One of the craziest periods of inflation in recent years took place in Yugoslavia in the early 1990’s. New and ever higher denomination banknotes were being issued every few days to cope with the giddy levels of hyperinflation. The highest denomination issued was the 500 billion dinara note issued in September 1993. That’s 500,000,000,000 dinara as it appears written on the note!. This note didn’t last long because in January 1994 the currency was revalued.

We can offer this highest of denominations in Very Fine. It is over 20 years since their issue and they are turning up less and less. A wonderful example of inflation gone mad!

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