World War II Defence Medal.

World War II Defence Medal. The Defence Medal was issued to members of the armed forces serving at home and in territories overseas that were subjected to air attack or closely threatened during the Second World War. Also included were members of the Home Guard (Dad’s Army), Civil Defence and Fire Service. On the obverse is a profile portrait of King George VI. On the reverse two Lions supporting a crowned Oak tree with the dates 1939/1945 and the legend ‘The Defence Medal’. The colours on the ribbon are rather interesting and appropriate: The two broad green stripes represent ‘This green and pleasant land’, the narrow black stripes represent ‘the Blackout’ imposed during the air raids of the Blitz and the wide orange stripe represents the fire bombing during the Blitz. A medal issued 72 years ago that is becoming harder to find. A very interesting addition to your collection.
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World War II British War Medal. The brave men and women who served in World War II were awarded a medal for their action by the British people. It has a lion trampling a double headed dragon (Eagle and Dragon combined) on one side with the dates 1939 1945. On the obverse is a crowned portrait of King George VI. This medal comes complete with red, white and blue ribbon. These medals were issued unnamed, that means the edge is plain without a name. I guess there were just too many to be given out to name them. Normally we charge £24.95 for this medal, but this issue I am going to offer them at a Special Price, as this year will be the 70th Anniversary of the end of World War II.

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Original medal given to service personnel for World War II