World War I Penny Collection

We could not believe it when we were checking a competitor’s website; they are offering a set of World War I Pennies 1914-1918. Yes, their set comes in a smart case, but they are charging £79.50 for the collection. Also, the coins they illustrated were cleaned, we guess they think that improves their appearance, but it actually depreciates their worth. Our coins are average circulated just as theirs are, but ours are natural, we have not cleaned them. We do not supply a case, on the other hand our set is priced at £9.50 and theirs is priced at £79.50. We have not named the other company, but if you really must know, just call us and we will tell you. We did not want to shame them any more than their price of £79.50 shames them already. We have just 200 sets available and with all the interest in the First World War, as this year is the 100th anniversary of its end, they should sell quickly.
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Elizabeth II Farthing 1953 Brilliant Uncirculated

In 1953 the Royal Mint issued new coins for the new Queen, Elizabeth II. But the legend was different from all the coins that were to come, so that the 1953 coins and the Farthing in particular are one year type coins. This is important because there were only 4 dates of Elizabeth II Farthings ever issued, 1956 being the last date of issue. Because the 1953 Coronation Farthing is a one year type, it is also the most difficult one to get in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. We bought a group that had been put away in 1953, some 65 years ago and had lain undisturbed until now. Add a one year type, 1953 Coronation Farthing in Brilliant Uncirculated to your collection, they are not easy to get.

Victorian Stamps & Coins

The collections of Edwardian stamps and coins went so well that we asked our friends in the stamp business to make us up a set of Victorian stamps. And they did! They put together a collection of 10 different Victorian stamps all in nice used condition. This collection includes 3 different types of Penny reds including an imperforated example. The collection is mounted on a card ready for you. But to make it even more interesting, we will include one of the big size Queen Victoria Old Head Pennies and a Young Head Farthing. The stamps catalogue £100 and the coins sell for £10 normally. Limited stock.