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India, Pair of Bombay Mint Canteen Tokens

Two canteen tokens of 5 and 10 denomination.

Ireland, Dublin Halfpenny Token, Mic Wilson, 1659

Trade Tokens were privately issued in the 1600’s. A Farthing in those days would get you a boat ride across the Thames, if the Thames wasn't close by, it could probably buy you a pint of gin. Cheers! These copper Trade Tokens are over 300 years old, they were of low value at the time so they were not all that well-struck most are Very Good or Fine condition. Here we present a Trade Token issued in Dublin, Ireland by Mic Wilson, offered in Fine condition.

Isle of Man, Pair of King Williams's College Tokens. VF

Scarce pair of 1d & 6d Tokens from King William’s College, Isle of Man, in very fine condition.

Thailand Porcelain Gambling tokens

These porcelain tokens were made in Thailand during the Bangkok Dynasty (1782-1809). They were made and issued by the gambling houses or Hongs in Bangkok for use in their gambling establishments. They are coloured and each house had different tokens, to distinguish one from another. Because of a shortage of silver coins, these porcelain gambling tokens actually circulated as money in everyday usage. I understand that they circulated as late as the 1870’s. These porcelain tokens from Thailand are now over 200 years old, there are a number of different types. We can supply one or more for just £17.50 a token and remember what other 200 year old porcelain can you get for this little money?