World Historical & Commemorative Medals

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Christine of France Medal by Dupre, 1637. Very Rare

Uniface Bronze Medal of Christine of France, Duchess of Savoy (1606-63), 1637 by Abraham Dupre (102.8 mm dia.)

India 50th Anniv Medal

This is an incredible item. It is based on the British Trade Dollar and the dies were actually engraved by the Royal Mint. It is for the 50th anniversary of the Independence of India from Britain 1947-1997. It is full crownsized and struck in Proof cupro-nickel. On one side you have the standing figure of Britannia holding a trident and a shield with a sailing ship in the background. On the other side you have a full colour picture of Jawaharlal Nehru superimposed over a map of India. It comes in a protective capsule and is now 21 years old. We bought them recently and feel that they very important, unfortunately the available supply was very limited. The Royal Mint did a brilliant job on the engraving.

Italy, Duchess Elenora of Toledo - tribute cast in Florence c.1551

Rare 16th century bronze medal by the Italian Sculptor and medallist Domenico Poggini

Napoleon, gilt brass plaque, 135mm dia.

Large brass plaque with the bust of Napoleon laid on. Suspension loop at top. Diameter 135mm.

New Zealand Royal Visit Medal

One of the first things that the newly crowned Queen Elizabeth II did, was plan a world trip to many of her nations in the Commonwealth. New Zealand was high on her list of places to visit and we were able to buy a small group of the Official medal issued for the Royal visit. On one side you have a handsome portrait of the Queen in her crown; the other side reads ‘Elizabeth II Royal Visit 1953-54’ along with a crowned shield, flowers and Maori implements. To top it all off there is blue ribbon and pin for wearing. These are highly prized by the people who own them in New Zealand. These are in Uncirculated condition, but the bronze medal may have mellowed a bit over the past 65 years. We think you will love them, but supplies are very limited and once these are gone, we don’t know where we'll find any more.

Pair of cased Mandela Medals

A crownsized pair of Nelson Mandela medals commemorating his time as President of South Africa 1994-1999. They were struck by the Cape Mint in South Africa and one is gold plated and the other is silver plated. The pair comes in capsules in a plush blue and red presentation case. Today this case would be made to sell for £10-£15 on its own, but it is yours included at this special price. We have a quantity, but at this price they should sell fast. At this price they make excellent gifts. Get them while you can the gold plated medal and the silver plated medal in the plush case. It’s a bargain, don’t miss out …