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Canada, Newfoundland, George V 50 cents

In 1949 Newfoundland officially became part of the Canadian confederacy. Until the reign of King George VI they still issued their own coinage, but the largest coin the 50 Cents was last issued under King George V. We believe that this is the first time that we have had the King George V 50 Cents silver to offer you. A lucky buy has allowed us to offer them to you. Remember this is a country that no longer issues its own coinage. At the time this 50 Cents was the largest denomination coin issued by Newfoundland. The coins on offer are in Very Good condition and dates will be of our choice.

Canada, Newfoundland, George VI 5c Silver

Before Newfoundland officially it became part of the Canadian Federation they used to issue their own coinage. For country collectors, you will need a coin of Newfoundland. They issued coins from the time of Queen Victoria right up to King George VI. Here we are offering some of the last silver coins issued by Newfoundland, under King George VI, Queen Elizabeth II’s Father. You get the silver Five Cents and with the portrait of King George VI and both some of the last coins issued for Newfoundland as an independent entity. Coins will be in Fine-Very Fine condition and nice examples.

Canada, Nova Scotia, Victoria One Cent

Before Nova Scotia became part of the Canadian Confederation, she issued some coins in her own name. The coin on offer is the large copper One Cent coin of Queen Victoria. There were never many coins issued by Nova Scotia. So if you collect a coin of a country then this is the coin you will need for your collection. You have the bust of Queen Victoria on one side and the name and the value on the other side. These One Cent coins were only issued between 1861 and 1864. They are in Very Good –Fine condition and we are sure you will be pleased with them. But supplies are limited.

Elizabeth II, 1964 Halfcrown BU

The 1964 Halfcrown has always been one of the most difficult to get in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. Even at the time of issue, it was not an easy coin to find in top grade. If you are missing this coin or you know someone born or married in 1964 then this coin would make a great gift. Supplies are limited, don’t miss out.

Macau, 6-coin set from 1993-2007. UNC

Set of 6 coins in uncirculated condition from Macau, issued between 1993 and 2007.

Malawi Pigmy Hippo

In 2005 the African nation of Malawi issued a set of four crownsized 10 Kwacha coins depicting Endangered Wildlife. These are beautiful silvered pieces in gleaming Proof condition. If we didn’t tell you they were silvered you would swear that they are actually silver. There were four crowns issued, The Pigmy Hippo (KM83), The Chevrotain (KM81), The Lemur on a branch (KM82) and The Tree Pangolin (KM71) all are wildlife that is endangered of ceasing to exist. You can own one or the whole collection of four pieces, in either case they are beautiful and we are sure you will fall in love with them. Each piece comes in a protective capsule to keep the coins looking gleaming and bright. Offered here is the Pigmy Hippo (KM83).