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Picture of Isle of Man, Halfpenny Brilliant Uncirculated, 1985

Isle of Man, Halfpenny Brilliant Uncirculated, 1985

Isle of Man, 1/2p 1985 Brilliant Uncirculated. In 1984 the Isle of Man started a new series of designs for the reverses of its coins. The new design was issued to commemorate the 500th Anniversary of the College of Arms We have a group of Halfpennies from this series all dated 1985, the final year that this denomination was issued for circulation. Struck in Bronze this is the only decimal halfpenny with the Maklouf portrait of the Queen.

Israel, 1 New Sheqel, 1986. B. UNC (KM.164)

From the Art in Israel commemorative series, 1 New Sheqel, 1986 in Brilliant Uncirculated condition.
Picture of Israel, Lira 1958

Israel, Lira 1958

Hanukkah KM22 Uncirculated
Picture of Israel, Lira 1962

Israel, Lira 1962

Hanukkah KM38, Uncirculated
Picture of Israel, Lira 1978

Israel, Lira 1978

Hanukkah KM94.1, Prooflike Uncirculated
Picture of Italy, 1 Lire 1940 Extremely Fine

Italy, 1 Lire 1940 Extremely Fine

It happened in 1940 that Mussolini declared war on Great Britain; he sided with Hitler and the Japanese and decided he was going to win and take us over. We guess he didn’t win. On this large nickel coin, you have the head of Victor Emanuele III and on the other side, you have an eagle with his wings full spread and an axe behind him. You just don’t get many coins from Italy issued during World War II, especially from the year they declared war on us. We shan’t make jokes about the Italian armed forces, after all, a lot of people died in the battles with them. The coin is large and in Extremely Fine condition and we think it was a fantastic find. We are going to use them in our World War II Remembered Collection that will be coming out later this year. This coin is too important to wait for it, you can own it now.
Picture of Italy, 200 Lire 1997 Naval League

Italy, 200 Lire 1997 Naval League

The Italian Naval League was honoured in 1997 on a brass 200 Lire coin of Italy. Of course, Italy no longer uses the Lire denomination, they now use the Euro. You have Italy featured on one side and the arms of the Naval League on the other side. They are now 12 years old and one of the last 200 Lire coins to be struck. They are of course, in Uncirculated condition
Picture of Italy, set of 5 Italian pre-Euro coins

Italy, set of 5 Italian pre-Euro coins

Before Italy joined the Euro Zone, they, like most countries issued their own coinage. But unlike other countries there were about 3,000 Lire to the Pound. The coins, when you could find them, cost more to make than their face value! We have a collection of five Italian coins struck before the Euro, 4 are Uncirculated but the very difficult 200 Lire is in circulated condition. You get the 5 and 10 Lire in aluminium, the 50 Lire a scarce denomination in Uncirculated, the 100 Lire Uncirculated and the very difficult 200 Lire in circulated condition. They date between 1969-1996 and were difficult to find even before they were replaced by the Euro.
Picture of Italy, Tuscany, Testone 1621

Italy, Tuscany, Testone 1621

Italian States, Tuscany, Ferdinando II de Medici (1621-70), Testone 1621. Very Fine or better and Rare
Picture of Jamaica, $25 Queen's Diamond

Jamaica, $25 Queen's Diamond

This is a winner. A Sterling Silver $25.00 coin from Jamaica dated 2011 for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and with a tiny diamond set into the field. You have a crown and three trumpets and that tiny diamond set into a star. The arms of Jamaica are on the obverse. The coin is brilliant Proof and comes in a protective capsule. A very popular country especially with tourists and one that you don’t see all that often. Supplies are rather short, so if you want one, please get in quickly. Today the Royal Mint charge £80 for a crownsized coin.
Picture of Japan, Cash Coin Very Fine

Japan, Cash Coin Very Fine

Chinese Cash coins are easy to find, you can not say that about Japanese Cash coins. A Cash coin is a round coin with a square hole in it. If you do the I-Ching, then you need three coins all the same. This coins is in Very Fine condition. We don't know what the market is in Japan, but we do know that they are much scarcer than their Chinese counterparts.
2 Bu_Meiji_obv

Japan, Meiji 2 Bu-kin Gold

Here we offer Japanese Gold Meiji 2 Bu-Kin (1868-1869). Before these rectangular issues, the Japanese used cash coins, round coins with a square hole in the middle. Because so many of the cash coins were damaged, the Shogunate in Japan issued these rectangular gold coins. These Gold coins are gold mixed with some silver to bring down their face value. All the coins are in Very Fine or better condition and weigh 3 grams. After this, they did what the rest of the world did and issued round coins.
Picture of Jersey,  1977 CR(25p) CN

Jersey, 1977 CR(25p) CN

In 1977 Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Silver Jubilee 1952-1977 and the whole world went wild. For the first time many of her overseas countries issued crowns to celebrate the event. Today the coins would be the same size but have a face value of £2-£5 and sell for more. We have just found two rolls of the Jersey 1977 Silver Jubilee Crown in Uncirculated cupronickel. They are 42 years old and struck by the Royal Mint.
Picture of Jordan, 5 Dinars, 1995 UN Commemorative. UNC

Jordan, 5 Dinars, 1995 UN Commemorative. UNC

Issued in 1995 to commemorate 50 years of the United Nations, this 5 Dinars or Crown comes in the original presenation pack.
Picture of Kazakhstan, 50 Tenge 2015, Anniv. Of Malik Gabdullin

Kazakhstan, 50 Tenge 2015, Anniv. Of Malik Gabdullin

50 Tenge 2015, 100th anniversary of Malik Gabdullin, KM#316, Prooflike Unc halfcrown size

Kiribati, 5 Dollars, 1998 Silver Proof Crown. (KM.50)

Crown-sized Silver Proof (.925 fineness). Issued by the Pacific Island of Kiribati in 1998 to mark the Birthdays of Prince Charles and Queen Mother.

Kiribati, Set of 4 Halloween Silver Proof Crowns

Coins from the Crypt, what could be better for Halloween? The island nation of Kiribati in the South Pacific issued a set of four silver crowns in 2016. Each one has a colour rendition of a werewolf, Mummy, Headless Horseman, and the Grim Reaper. They are struck in Sterling Silver and have a rather nice portrait of Her Majesty the Queen on the obverse. But what is perhaps best is the case, which is in the shape of a coffin. The coffin used to let out a scream, unfortunately, it no longer does. That is why we are giving away the coffin for free, letting you have the whole set for £95.00, less then £25 a silver crown. The set was originally sold at £160.00...

Korea, World Shooting Champ. 1978, 500 Won. UNC

Large-sized 500 Won coin issued for the 1978 World Shooting Championships.
Picture of Latvia, 1924, 1 Lati Silver, Very Fine

Latvia, 1924, 1 Lati Silver, Very Fine

Unusual early silver Latvian coin from 1924.
Picture of Latvia, 2 Lati 1925 Uncirculated

Latvia, 2 Lati 1925 Uncirculated

Latvia only issued coins from 1918-39 when it then came under the Soviet influence. This Silver 2 Lati was only issued for two years and this is the first year of issue 1925. Normally these coins are found in Fine or Very Fine condition. The coins on offer here are Uncirculated, very high grade and almost never found this nice. Supplies are limited, so please get in quickly, you don’t want to miss out on this one.
Latvia_1922, 50 Santimu_obv

Latvia, 50 Santimu 1922

In 1922 Latvia issued a 50 Santimu coin for one year only. In fact the last early Latvian coin was in 1932 and then there were no more coins until 1992. This 50 Santimu is struck in nickel is a large coin and depicts a man steering a boat with a hand held tiller. It was only issued for that one year 1922 and the coins on offer are in Very Fine condition and they are a most wanted coins by collectors of ships and boats on coins. Yes, there is a large German club for collectors of ships on coins.
Picture of Lebanon, 5 coin Mint Set

Lebanon, 5 coin Mint Set

The Lebanon has one of the most interesting histories in the Middle East. At one time it was known as the Monte Carlo of the Middle East. Then it spent years in turmoil and civil war, now it is starting to regain its place in the world and starting to regain its stature. We are very lucky to be able to get a 5 coin Mint Set from Lebanon, as coins are not all that easy to get out of the country, especially Brilliant Uncirculated current coins. You get the 25 Livres, 50 Livres, 100 Livres, 250 Livres and the 500 Livres dated 1996-2006 all in Brilliant Uncirculated condition.
Picture of Liberia, Crown 1995

Liberia, Crown 1995

50th Anniversary of United Nations Prooflike Uncirculated
Picture of Liberia/Ascension Golden Jubilee Crown Cover

Liberia/Ascension Golden Jubilee Crown Cover

This huge CrownCover was issued in 2002 to celebrate the Queen’s Golden Jubilee 1952- 2002. You have a huge cover from Liberia with two $35.00 stamps and a double full colour photo of the Queen. The 50 Pence or crownsized coin is from Ascension Islands in the North Atlantic Ocean. You have Westminster Abby with the legend ‘God Save the Queen’ on one side and H.M. the Queen on the other side. It is in Prooflike Uncirculated condition and all in all it is a rather handsome presentation. Issued by Mercury some 18 years ago and our supply is very small, so if you want one, please get in quickly!