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Lewis, Clark & Sacagawea Proof Dollars

The explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark decided to explore and map parts of America in 1804-6. They met the Lemhi Shoshone woman known as Sacagawea, who even though she had just had a child, agreed to help them. At one point a boat capsized and the journals and records fell into the water. It was Sacagawea who rescued these documents. The island nation of Fiji issued a commemorative Dollar to honour the trio in 2015. It has the 3 standing together and the reverse has the coat of arms of Fiji. It is gold plated copper and in choice Proof condition. The United States also issued a small sized dollar coin, but just to honour the Indian maiden Sacagawea. This is also struck in a yellow metal and in Proof condition. We are offering the Fiji and the American proof dollars as a pair, as it seems best that way. So you get the Proof dollar from Fiji and the proof dollar from the United States.

Seven New Wonders of the World

This set was issued in 2007 and we have been able to obtain just 20 sets. It is seven Proof crownsized medals depicting the New Seven Wonders of the World. Included are Christ the Redeemer in Brazil, The Great Wall of China, Roman Colosseum Italy, ChichItzá Mexico, Petra Jordan, Taj Mahal India and Machu Picchu Peru. Each Proof gold coloured medal comes in a protective capsule. The old guard has been replaced, this is your chance to own the new guard. You get all seven Proof medallions for an excellent price, but we have only 20 sets in stock.

US 2003 Quarter Proof Set

This was issued as part of one of the most popular series of coins in the world, the United States Quarter set. Fifty quarters over 10 years, representing five States that joined the Union. The coins are in Proof condition in a double sided display case, they are rather beautiful and interesting. Illinois with Lincoln, Alabama with Helen Keller, Maine with a lighthouse, Missouri with the arch and Arkansas wheat and a diamond. Washington is on the front of each coin with ‘In God We Trust’. This set is most interesting as most people don’t know a lot about the States represented.

Thailand Mint Set

Complete mint set of the late King of Thailand.

New Guinea 3 Kings Collection

We were looking through some Sterling Silver Shilling that we bought from New Guinea and we realised that we had two Kings represented, George V and George VI. Then we remembered that we had some Pennies of King Edward VIII of New Guinea, the only coin struck for him. So why not combine the three and you would have 3 Kings of New Guinea. So here is what you will get a Sterling Silver Shilling of King George V of New Guinea, all of these coins are struck with a hole in the middle for wearing around your neck. They are in Very Fine condition. A Penny of King Edward VIII in Uncirculated condition. Finally a Sterling Silver Shilling of King George VI also in Very Fine condition. We can’t think of any other country that we could do this for, nor any other country so far away and so exotic.

Roll 12 Warrior Crowns Proof

This fantastic set of 12 Crowns from the Democratic Republic of the Congo was issued in 2010. It depicts Warriors of the World in crownsized Proof sliver plated 10 Franc pieces. It is listed as KM201-212, but it is the first time that we have seen them or owned them. They are gleaming two toned proofs and look just like a silver coin, but they are in fact heavily silver plated. They depict the following warriors: Ninja, Chinese, Templar Knight, English Archer, Spartan, Gladiator, Zulu, Mongolian, Centurion, Viking, Celtic & Samurai. I bought them right and I am going to sell them right. You can have the whole collection of 12 different Warrior Crowns for a very fair and reasonable price. First time offered, so please get in quickly at this price.