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New Djibouti Mint Set

From Africa we offer a Brilliant Uncirculated set of coins from a rather exotic sounding county, Djibouti. It use to be called Afars and Issas in 1967. It is near all the busiest shipping lanes in the world. The Capital has the same name as the country. The last time we had another set from this country it quickly sold out and this set has a new bi-metallic coin. You get the large 5 Francs with an antelope on it, 10 Francs with old and new ships, 20 Francs of the same design, 50 Francs with a mother and baby camel, 100 Francs with a similar design and the new 250 Francs, bi-metallic with a most unusual bird on it. You get all six coins from Djibouti in Brilliant Uncirculated condition for an impressive price. It is very difficult to get there and almost impossible to get the coins out of the country.

5 US State Quarters in case

The United States issued a set of 50 different quarters (25c) to honour each of their 50 states. The coins are legal tender and were actually meant to be used in everyday usage. We bought a most unusual group of these coins recently. There are five different coins all in Brilliant Uncirculated condition and housed in a plastic holder showing both obverse and reverse. There is no logic as to which coins are in each holder, just that there are five different and all are in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. We bought them right and we are going to sell them right. The series started in 1999 and ended in 2008. Supplies are limited and the holder on its own usually sells for £2.95.

USA 2000 Quarter Set Clad Proof S

This set of five State quarters was issued in 2000, which of course was the Millennium. It has the quarters for Massachusetts (some wonderful coin dealers were born there), Maryland, South Carolina, New Hampshire and Virginia. A quick note, the New Hampshire quarter shows the Old Man and the Mountain, which since then has literally fallen off the mountain… You get five Proof quarters in the Official United States Mint blue case of issue. It is a beautiful set and for me, it holds some certain memories. You can own the complete set of five in the Official holder for a very reasonable price.

Belgium set of 10 pre Euro Coins

Before the introduction of the Euro, Belgium like all the other countries, issued its own coinage. We have put together a nice collection of 10 different Belgium pre- Euro coins. They are in selected circulated condition and who knows, if the Euro goes to hell they just might need these coins again. You get 20 Centimes, 25c, 50c, 2 different 1 Francs, 2 different 5 Francs, 10 Francs, 20 Francs and 50 Francs. You get all 10 different Belgium coins in selected circulated condition for a very good price. Putting these together took well over a year and who knows when we will get any more.

United States Kennedy Proof Set 1964 (Plus Photo)

President Kennedy was killed in 1963, fifty five years ago. The first Kennedy Half Dollar was issued the next year in 1964. This was an important coin, as it was the first and last Kennedy Half Dollar to be struck for circulation in 900 fine Silver. After this they were struck in 400 fine Silver and then shortly after that, in cupronickel. We can offer the first and only 900 fine Kennedy Proof Set for your collection. It contains the Silver Kennedy Half, plus the Silver Washington Quarter and the Silver Roosevelt Dime plus the base metal Jefferson Nickel and the Lincoln Cent all in Proof condition in the original United States Mint cellophane and paper envelope. All the coins are dated 1964 and all are in Proof condition. To make it even more interesting we will give you an A4 photograph of President Kennedy. Remember this year is his 55th anniversary.

Canada 1964 Prooflike Set

In 1964 Canada celebrated the 100th anniversary of Charlottetown by issuing a commemorative Silver Dollar. In Canada they issued these silver dollars both for circulation and for collectors. They are struck in 800 fine Silver and weigh 23.33 grams. You have the arms of Charlottetown on the reverse and the bust of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. We are offering the mostly silver Prooflike set issued for collectors. You get the Silver Dollar, Half Dollar, Quarter Dollar and Ten Cents plus the base metal 5c and 1c coins. Canada did not strike Proof Sets, but something almost as good and they called them Prooflike. They come sealed in a cellophane package, so you can see both sides of the coins without having to touch them. In some sets some of the silver coins will have toned slightly, as silver always does. This was one of the last large sized Canadian Silver Dollars to be issued in 1968 they went to a much smaller size in nickel. Remember this 1964 Silver Prooflike Set is now 54 years old and has the Queen on it.