World Banknote Sets

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50 Notes from 50 Countries

This wonderful pack of Crisp Uncirculated world banknotes comprises 50 notes from 50 countries. If you are considering collecting notes from as many different countries as possible, this is a great place to get you started. These sets were put together over 20 years ago and we thought we were completely sold out until we rediscovered a small box in a storeroom we haven’t visited in some time! It would be much harder to put them together as a group now.

Germany Notgeld Paderborn Battle (5)

This set of 5 Notgeld issued by Paderborn in 1922 tells the story of the city’s undoing by Christian The Younger of Brunswick in 1622 during the 30 Years War. Christian’s forces invaded the cities of Munster and Paderborn, took hostages, looted the cities and carried off the Cathedral’s treasure. A sorry tale but wonderfully illustrated. £6.50 a set