William III 1694 - 1702

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William III, Crown 1696

William III, 1694-1702, Crown, 1696, Edge OCTAVO. Very Fine

William III, Halfcrown 1698

William III, 1694-1702. Halfcrown, 1698, DECIMO. About very fine condition.

William III Crown Very Good

These Silver Crowns were issued in the reign of King William III 1695-1701. At that time Five Shillings or a Crown was the equivalent of five weeks wages for a skilled craftsman. We hate to think about how little a coin dealer would have been paid, if there were any at that time. Dates will be of our choice, but this is the largest Silver coin to be issued for King William III. You have the laureate bust on one side and four sets of crowned Arms on the other. The coats of Arms are England, Scotland, Ireland, France and the lion of the House of Orange. These early Silver crowns are getting extremely difficult to find. On the other hand, considering it is over 300 years old and worth at the time, five weeks wages for a skilled craftsman, perhaps the prices are most attractive…

1697, William III, Halfcrown, 'C' Chester. GVF

Silver Halfcrown dated 1697, regnal year NONO on edge, with 'C' below bust for Chester Mint.

Willliam III (1694-1702), Silver Crown. Fine Condition

The largest silver coin of its time. Now over 300 years old.