Waterloo Medal Replica

High relief silver plated reproduction and an affordable price
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In 2015 on June 18th it was the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo when the British Government, for the first time, awarded a medal to all Officers, non-commissioned Officers and Soldiers who fought at that battle. You have a high relief portrait of the Prince Regent George on one side. The other side has an angel with spread wings and the notation Wellington, Waterloo and the date June 18, 1815.
To be honest an original will cost you £2-3000 and they are now very difficult to find. This reproduction is high relief and heavily silver plated. We looked on the internet and found two reproductions, one at £42 and one at £59. This is as good as or better than both of them, but we can offer it for a heck of a lot less money. Below George’s neck is the word copy, so no one can confuse them with the original.

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