Victoria, Farthing 1898

Victoria, Farthing 1898 Uncirculated, Mint darkened
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Bronze Halfpenny dated 1943 in Uncirculated condition.

Elizabeth II, last 1970 Halfpenny and last 1984 Halfpence

In 1970 the last ever Halfpenny was struck, but only for the Proof Set of that year, you could not get one in change. In 1984 the last ever Halfpence was struck and again you could only get one in the Mint or Proof Set of that year, none were struck for change. We are offering a pair of the 1970 Halfpenny in Proof and the 1984 Halfpence in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. The last ever Halfpenny and the last ever Halfpence and you could never find either coin in your change.