Victoria 1837 - 1901

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Victoria Double Florin Very Fine

In 1887, for Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee, the Royal Mint issued new coins with the Jubilee Head of Victoria, but they also issued a new denomination, the Double Florin. The only problem is that the Double Florin (4 Shillings) looked very similar to the Crown (5 Shillings). It got the nickname of the Bar Maids Ruin, as later at night after a few complimentary drinks, the bar maid would often give change for a Crown when in fact she was given a Double Florin. This denomination proved unpopular and it was discontinued in 1890. The coins on offer are struck in Sterling Silver and in Very Fine condition. This is a high grade for the issue and much more difficult to get than many people realise. Get them while you can, it has taken us a year to accumulate this small quantity.

Victoria Old Head Halfcrown VG

The Half Crown of Queen Victoria with the Old Head design is the second largest denomination in silver to be struck with this bust of the Queen. You have the bust of Queen Victoria her widow’s dress and a crowned shield on the reverse. They are struck in Sterling Silver and were only issued from 1893- 1901. A nice large Sterling Silver coin in Very Good condition and each one is at least 117 years old. We think you will love this coin, we already do.

Victoria, Farthing 1898

Victoria, Farthing 1898 Uncirculated, Mint darkened

Queen Victoria Shilling 1899

Queen Victoria had a very long reign, just short of our own Queen, Elizabeth II. She was on the throne from 1837-1901. The Shillings were struck in Sterling Silver and had her widow head on one side and three shields on the other side. The coin on offer is the last date of Shilling struck in the 19th Century, i.e. 1899. We love this date as it is the last year of the Century. Of course the Shilling has other importance as well. When you joined the army or navy you were said to ‘take the King’s or in this case Queen’s Shilling’. At that point they owned you. Taking the Shilling is something that one didn’t take lightly. Add this Shilling to your collection today.

Victoria Jubilee Head Halfcrown Fine

This is the middle type of coinage struck for Queen Victoria. It was only issued from 1887-1892 and was first issued for her Golden Jubilee. Thus this coinage became known as Queen Victoria Jubilee Head coins. The coin on offer is the Halfcrown or Two Shillings and Sixpence. You have the Jubilee Head of Queen Victoria on one side and a shield in a Garter with in an ornate circle of medals. The coins are struck in Sterling Silver (925 fine). Dates will be of our choice but will be in Fine condition. The more you order the more different dates we will try and give you. In 1887, a Halfcrown was a lot of money; today they are more reasonably priced.

Victoria, 1/2 Penny 1875

Victoria, 1837-1902. Halfpenny 1875.. Uncirculated - Brilliant Unc with full lustre

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