USA, 1978 Ike Dollar in Proof

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The Ike Dollar was made for two purposes, one to honour the late President and World War II General, Dwight David Eisenhower and two to help out the Las Vegas casinos. The helping out Las Vegas was so they would have a large dollar size coins for use in their slot machines.
The coins on offer are all 1978, struck at the San Francisco Mint and all carry the ‘S’ mintmark. You have the large portrait of Ike on one side and an American Bald Eagle landing on the Moon on other side.
They are struck in Proof cupro-nickel and are large and beautiful. It is the largest dollar coin struck for actual circulation since the 1930’s. We used to charge £19.95 for this coin, but a fortunate purchase allows us to offer them for just £14.50, a saving of £5.45.

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