United States of America, 1923 Peace Dollar BU

The United States Silver Peace Dollar was first struck in 1921 and the coins were meant to be in everyday usage. They are full crownsized and struck in 900 fine Silver. Many consider it to be one of America’s most attractive coins. Now there is nothing rare about the 1923 date, it is just not all that easy to find when you are looking for it. We suppose the more dates they made, the less likely people were to put them aside. After all a Silver Dollar in 1923 was still considered a sizable amount of money. The coins on offer are in Brilliant Uncirculated condition, which considering that they are now 95 years old, is quite impressive. A similar British coin in similar condition would cost you several hundred pounds at least. While supplies last you can own a Brilliant Uncirculated 1923 US Silver Dollar for a highly competitive price.
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