United States of America, US Morgan $ Philadelphia MS64

The Morgan Silver Dollar was made between 1878 and 1904, and then they struck a somewhat similar coin in 1921. For our purposes the dates that count are 1878-1904. George T. Morgan who designed this Silver Dollar, was actually British, so it makes them a little closer to home. These are nice coins and ones that most collectors would be only too proud to own. The hoard that we bought, all grade MS64 (Mint State 64 out of 70) which are much nicer coins than we previously offered. They come from three different American Mints, no mint mark, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, ‘S’ mint mark, San Francisco, California and ‘O’ mint mark from New Orleans, Louisiana. Here we present the Philadelphia Silver Dollar. When the silver dollar market was boiling, at one time an MS64 Silver Dollar wholesaled for $250.00. We think the market has reached a level where the coins are reasonably priced today.
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We recently bought a stamp dealer out of all the older First Day Covers (FDC) that he had in stock and there were thousands of them. They date from the 1960’s and 1970’s with an occasional cover from the 1980’s. But we made sure that each cover had more than one commemorative stamp on them and many of the covers have as many as four different stamps on them. Each cover has a cache on it and it was cancelled on the first day that the stamps were issued. We are bundling them into groups of ten different covers, each with more than one stamp on each and we are going to offer them at just £9.50 a bundle. That works out to less than £1.00 a cover and these are older covers. Each bundle will be different and no one knows which covers you will get, but at only 95p each we think they are very interesting.

Agents of the Bank of Ireland, Waterford, 18(75)

Agents of the Bank of Ireland, Waterford, 18(75)

Cashier of the Bank of Ireland, Dublin, 18(26),

Cashier of the Bank of Ireland, Dublin, 18(26),