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Germany, Augsburg 19th century plaque

Germany, Augsburg, 19th Century silvered electrotype copy of plaque ca 1600. Style of Hans Jacob Bayer. Athena leads the personification of painting into the circle of Arts and Science. In contemporary wooden frame 220mm and rather handsome

Lord Byron Memorial Portrait, framed

Great Britain: Lord Byron, Memorial Portrait. Gilt metal in a most ornate and beautiful frame. 175mm x 200mm, fantastic

Malta, Silver Coin Belt

Silver coin belt consisting of 18 Maltese coins plus 2 English Halfcrowns and 1 Irish 30 Pence Bank Token.

Napoleon, gilt brass plaque in frame

19th century gilt brass uniface plaque of Napoleon mounted in wooden frame measuring 223 x 190 mm

Prince Albert bust in frame

Great Britain: Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria, memorial bust in gold plated metal in wood and gilt frame. Bust facing left. Frame size 340mm x 285mm, a handsome piece

Russia, Alexander I, Gilt metal cliché by Galle

Gilt metal portrait cliché of Alexander I (1801-1825) by André Galle (1761-1844) in circular copper frame (89mm)