Uncut Sheet of Three Bank of England £5 Notes

The last of the web fed issue. In original Bank of England presentation wallet. Only 1500 issued.
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When the Bank of England went over from printing from a giant roll of paper, known as ‘web fed’ to printing on individual sheets, they decided to mark this event. They did this by issuing just 1,500 uncut sheets of three notes in a special folder. All three notes have the same serial number, but with different prefixes. All three notes will be in the last 1500 ever printed on the web press.
These £5 notes are of course paper which, considering that we have now gone over to plastic, makes them even more interesting and exciting. After all how many uncut sheets of Bank of England notes have you ever seen?
They are the last banknotes printed in this method, they are in the last 1500 printed that way, they all have the same serial number, they are printed on paper and they come in a Bank of England presentation wallet.
We have seen this set sold two ways, as it is presented at some rather high prices and cut up and each note sold individually, again for quite a high price.

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