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Elizabeth II, £2 Buckingham Palace Silver Piece

Our supply of the Royal Mint’s issue of Buckingham Palace for their landmark series has finally come in. You have a view of the Palace from the Queen Victoria memorial in a Prooflike condition. The Other side has H. M. Queen Elizabeth II with a double weave background. Each coin comes in a protective capsule is in Brilliant Uncirculated condition and contains one ounce of pure silver. Get them while you can, as the price of silver seems to be increasing quite rapidly.

Elizabeth II, £2 DNA Silver Piedfort Proof, 2003

As many of you know DNA is the building block of life. In 2003, The Royal Mint celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the discovery of the Double Helix by Francis Crick and James Watson. The Royal Mint did a Special Collector’s edition in Proof Sterling Silver in Piedfort or Double Thick Sterling Silver Proof and this is the coin we are offering. The mintage was a maximum of 10,000 pieces and each coin is in a protective capsule. It can be yours at just £65.00.

Elizabeth II, £2 End World War II Silver Proof, 1995

In 1995 the Royal Mint celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the End of World War II with a commemorative £2 piece. You have the Dove of Peace on one side and Queen Elizabeth II on the other side. Remember this coin is one of the old large-sized £2 pieces. Comes in Sterling Silver Proof. Each coin comes in a protective capsule.

Elizabeth II, £2 Pair of Big Ben Silver Proofs Cased

In 2017 the Royal Mint issued a £2 coin that contained one ounce of Pure Silver. We know because we sold the Uncirculated pieces. We thought that was all there was... But recently we bought from an overseas distributor, not one piece in Proof condition, but a pair of Proof pieces in their original Royal Mint case of issue. One coin is in Brilliant Proof and the other is in Reverse Proof condition. The mintage for the pair is only 800 pieces in each finish. We have never seen this set before and we're not even sure if it was ever even for sale in this country. Normally you would expect to pay £125-£150 for each of these two coins or £250-£300 for the pair. A fantastic chance to add this very low mintage pair of Silver Proofs to your collection at a much more interesting price. You get both silver Proof Big Ben £2 coins, one in Brilliant Proof, and the other in Reverse Proof. The pair is sold with its Royal Mint case for just £145.00

Elizabeth II, £2 Silver Proof, 1986

In 1986 the Royal Mint issued its first ever non Gold Two Pound Piece. It was a commemorative for the Commonwealth Games which were held in Edinburgh, Scotland. It has a Scottish Thistle in the middle of the Scottish flag, with the cross of St. Andrew. The obverse has the so called Maklouf portrait of the Queen. They were struck in base metal for general circulation and in Proof Sterling Silver for collectors. Today these coins are getting more and more difficult to find. It is the first non Gold Two Pound piece and a commemorative.

Elizabeth II, £2 Two Dragons, Proof in Capsule

The Royal Mint issued a rather handsome Silver Crownsized £2 coin and called it ‘The Two Dragons’. This piece shows both the Eastern dragon and the Welsh dragon. It contains one ounce of pure Proof silver, it was struck in 2018 and the entire mintage of 2,500 coins was sold to one overseas dealer But NO British collectors were offered the chance to add this important and beautiful coin to their collection! How can a British collector complete his or her collection when all of these British coins were sold outside the country!? Something is rotten at the Royal Mint we hear you say! Well, read on… Coincraft has worldwide contacts; we managed to track them down, although the Royal Mint didn’t want to even admit that they had struck them. We managed to locate and buy about 20% of the entire mintage. It is now our duty and pleasure to offer these British coins to our collectors of British coins. We don’t care what the Royal Mint thinks. We want our British collectors to be able to buy British coins, even when they cannot buy them at full price from the Royal Mint. Normally a coin such as this would be sold by the Royal Mint at between £82 and £88, which we think is too high. No matter how beautiful it is. We are going to offer you this British Silver Proof £2 either in the Royal Mint capsule at far less than the Royal Mint would have charged, had they given you the chance to buy it. Remember, the Royal Mint didn’t even offer you the opportunity to own one. Our price is just £58.50 in a capsule.

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