In 1986 Prince Andrew married a wild red head known as Fergie. The marriage didn’t last, but at least they had two very beautiful daughters. The Crown on offer is from the Caribbean islands known as Turks and Caicos Islands. You have the conjoined busts of the wedding couple on one side and his Mother, her Mother-in-Law, the Queen on the other side. Forget having to call heads when flipping this coin, can you imagine having your mother-in-law so close at hand? Not the easiest coin to find, after all it is now 32 years old and they have gone their separate ways...
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Canada George VI 5c x 5

During the reign of King George VI Canada issued five different types of 5 Cent coins, commonly known as nickels. The first type was the round one with the beaver, the second type was 1942 in tombac with the beaver, the third type was the V for Victory in tombac, the fourth was V for Victory in steel and the last was the commemorative for Nickel 1781-1951 in nickel. We can offer a collection of all five types of George VI nickels in Fine or better condition. A wonderful little set and more and more difficult to put together these days. Our agent had to make two trips to Canada to get these sets.

Western Samoa, 1978 $1. Uncirculated.

Issued by the island of Samoa in 1978 to mark the Commonwealth Games, this is a crown-sized $1 coin.

Gibraltar, Charlie Chaplin Crown, 1995

Issued by Gibraltar as part of a series to mark the Centenary of the Cinema, 1885-1995.