Trump Statue of Liberty gold coloured

This issue we have a full colour Donald Trump piece for your collection. There is a full colour picture of Donald Trump standing before the Capital Building with an American flag waving and the statue of Liberty outlined in gold colour. The reverse is the eagle the symbol of the United States with the title ‘Make America Great Again’. They are full crownsized and highlighted in gold colour. They come in protective capsules and if previous offers are anything to go by, they will quickly sell out. They are dated 2017.
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Trump 2nd Amendment Medal

This Donald Trump piece is rather controversial. The reverse shows two weapons one a rifle and the other what looks like a heavy gun. The legend reads ‘The 2nd Amendment will never be repealed- Donald J. Trump’. This refers to the 2nd Constitutional Amendment in the United States, which allows its citizens to carry arms. It is that law that allows Americans to arm themselves and protect their property. But there is a strong feeling against it, because of all the shootings that happen in the United States. On the obverse you have Trump facing left and the legend ‘Freedom – In God We Trust -2018’. The reverse has the two guns. A most controversial piece, while we think that they should have the right to have guns, we think that perhaps some of the larger guns should not be so readily available to almost anyone. This piece is crownsized struck in a Prooflike goldene material and comes in a protective capsule. We will let you make up your own minds, but this piece is likely to cause some rather ‘interesting’ discussions.

Trump Re-Election

We have just had in the latest Trump piece, for his re-election in 2020! You have President Trump raising his fist in between two American flags. It is gold coloured and highlighted in red, white and blue enamel. The reverse has the seal of the President of the United States a bald eagle with a shield on its chest again in red, white and blue. Each proof crownsized medal comes in a clear presentation capsule, so you can see it without having to handle it. We are not political, but the last Trump items sold out, so there is a collector base out there and that is what we are in business for. A handsome piece no matter how you feel.

Trump White House

This crownsized piece has a rendition of the White House, the home of the American President, in Washington D. C. and a facsimile signature of Donald Trump on the obverse. It is in gold and blue. The reverse has the symbol of the President of the United States, a bald eagle with a red, white and blue shield on its chest. Americans are told that even if you don't respect the President of the United States, you should always respect the Office of President of the United States. This piece does just that and we think in a rather respectful way. Proof condition with raised colour highlights, complete in a plastic display capsule. Tasteful and rather nice…