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Lundy 1977 Puffin & 1/2 Puffin

In 1977 Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Silver Jubilee 1952-1977. She visited Lundy and a souvenir sheet was issued to honour that event. We have been offering that souvenir sheet with the two coin-tokens of a Puffin and a Half Puffin. Based on the first Lundy coin-tokens issued in 1929. At that time the Government took umbrage and the man who made them had to go to court. Many of our collectors want the coin-tokens, but do not want the souvenir sheet. They are struck in copper and are in brilliant Proof condition. Well worth adding to your collection, after all how many Lundy issues have there been?

Hop Pickers Token

Hop Pickers Token. The cultivation of hops was a popular industry and it employed labour for almost all the year. At the peak of the picking season many thousands of pickers were required and these mostly came from London’s East End for a “holiday” with work and pay and were known as “furiners”. Payment for picking was arranged using these hop-tokens mostly made from lead and white metal and produced by the local blacksmith. The number “1” shows the number of bushels picked and the initials “J S” are those of the issuer James Smith of Place Farm, Icklesham, Sussex. The tokens were passed as money between the pickers themselves, and were also accepted by the shops and inns in the locality, who were assured that the tokens would be redeemed later by the growers who issued them.

Birmingham Workhouse 6d Token, 1812. NEF

Warwickshire, Birmingham Workhouse 6d Token, 1812 (D22) Near Extremely Fine

Staffordshire, Fazeley 6d Token 1811, EF

Staffordshire, Fazeley Silver Sixpence Token 1811, Peel's & Co. (D12) Extremely Fine

Somerset, Bristol Silver 1/- Token, 1811 (D43) EF

Somerset, Bristol Silver Shilling (XII Pence) Token, 1811, Garratt & Co. (D43) Extremely Fine

Somerset, Bristol Silver 6d Token (D55) EF

Somerset, Bristol Silver Sixpence Token, Garratt & Co. (D55) Extremely Fine