Three Farthings

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1913, George V, Third Farthing. Uncirculated.

George V, 1913, Third Farthing. Uncirculated. In the reign of King George V (1913), the Royal Mint for the last time ever, issued a Third Farthing. For those of you who can not remember, there were 960 Farthings to a Pound and there were 3 Third Farthings to a Farthing. That means that there were 2,880 Third Farthings to the Pound. The total mintage of this coin of George V was 240,000 pieces. This denomination was first issued in the Reign of King George IV and they were usually shipped overseas for use in Malta and British Guiana. At one time this very small bronze coin was quite common, but then again that was many years ago. Today you only see a few examples in Extremely Fine or even brown Uncirculated with touches of lustre.