Thomas De La Rue Promotional Renewable Energy 50

Issued by Thomas de la Rue as part of a series of Test notes celebrating Renewable energy, this 50 units notes represents wind power. They are coloured blue, green and multicoloured and have a wind turbine illustrated on one side and a view of the Isle of Eigg on the other. In 2008, this small Scottish island became the first community to launch an off-grid electricity system powered by wind, water and solar. Uncirculated.
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De La Rue Giori Promotional Leonardo Da Vinci Banknote

It has long been the practice of Security Printers to use the banknote format to advertise their skills. This Promotional note, printed by Security Printers De La Rue Giori, features a portrait of Leonardo da Vinci on the front. Other illustrations include Leonardo’s diagram for a helicopter, a pair of dividers and the head of a Madonna on the back. Also featured are examples of a holographic silver seal. An impressive Promotional Note in Crisp Uncirculated condition.

Training Notes (Chinese Production) X 13 Different

These ‘notes’ were produced to help train bank clerks. There are 13 different in the set which comprises notes from Australia Macau and Hong Kong. They are printed on paper which cannot be confused with any original and have Chinese characters confirming their purpose. Uncirculated and interesting 13 Different training notes.

De La Rue Promotiional Note Isaac Newton

A wonderful Test Note issued By De La Rue Currency. These were not only used to test machines handling banknotes but were also a way of promoting the work of the printers. The front has a portrait of Isaac Newton, a medal and a diagram of the planets/The back features a space station and an outline of the Challenger.