Third Farthing

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Edward VII 1902 Third Farthing BU

To us, one of the most interesting and difficult coins of King Edward VII has always been the Third Farthing. It is the smallest coin issued by Edward VII and it was made for only one year 1902. A Farthing was 960 to the pound and these are each one third of that Farthing. Although legal tender and used in this country, they were mainly made for use in Malta and Ceylon. The mintage is just 288,000 and they are now 116 years old. This group came in from a dealer who bought them from someone who put them away in 1902. The coins are in Brilliant Uncirculated condition and remember they are a one year type coin and very low mintage.

George IV 1827 Third Farthing GVF

In the reign of King George IV the smallest coin issued for circulation was the copper Third Farthing of 1827. They were actually issued for use in Malta but were very popular in this country. But they were only ever issued in 1827 so this is a very important type of coin; after all it is the only George IV Third Farthing ever made. We bought a fantastic little group of these copper coins in high grade for the coin, this product being offered in Good-Very Fine condition. You may well be missing this type coin in your collection; if so please consider getting one whilst they last.