The Soho Mint & The Industrialization of Money

by Richard Doty. Hardback with dust jacket, 360 pages, well illustrated throughout.
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The Soho Mint and the Industrialisation of Money by Richard Doty

Hardback with dust jacket, 360 pages, well illustrated throughout.

The first full-length work on the world's pioneering industrial coiner. The book charts the history of the Soho Mint, detailing its inextricable tie to the rise of the British Industrial Revolution. As the latter began to produce a rapidly growing need for coinage - particularly copper coinage - the market began to be filled by counterfeiters, who, by the late 1780s, had created the vast majority of 'small money' in circulation. This movement threatened to damage the future of the Industrial Revolution itself - if wages could not be trusted, who would come to work in the factories?

Matthew Boulton and his associates at Soho Manufactory overcame this threat by creating a battery of steam-powered machines that could mass-produce unforgeable copper coinage. Latterly, they were to send coins and tokens around the world, from India to Chile and from Canada to Australia. From exporting coins, Soho would export mints, steam-powered replicas of itself so that the rest of the world could take advantage of Soho's new technology. In so doing, the modern coin was created: every piece of money in our pockets bears direct testimony of the work of Matthew Boulton, of Soho, near Birmingham.

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