Surinam Paper Currency Volume 1 - 1760 to 1957

by T.F.A. van Elmpt. Card covers, 480 pages, illustrated throughout. With rarity guide.
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In 1760, the government of the former Dutch colony of Surinam was once again faced with a currency crisis. The Dutch and colonial silver coins used as currency vanished almost as soon as they were put into circulation. They were either used for making payments to the Netherlands or were hoarded and buried away for safekeeping by the local population, all of which resulted in a chronic shortage of change.

Various efforts were made to resolve this problem, including an attempt to mint lead coins in Surinam itself, none of which were particularly successful or popular. Eventually, it was decided to issue some form of paper currency which, although not quite as suitable for the local climate as silver coins, proved very resistant to the temptation to hoard.

At first, authenticated playing cards and other pieces of cardboard were used as legal tender, effectively the first paper currency in the colony, but over time this card money was replaced by a more dedicated and slightly more secure paper money. The growth of trade also saw the establishment of specific circulation banks for the colony, each with their own history and, of course, banknotes.

Compiled largely from contemporary sources, this book gives a wealth of new information about the earlier Surinam paper currency issued from 1760 to 1957.

Card covers, 480 pages, illustrated throughout. With rarity guide.

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