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2 Islands CrownCover

We think that the two remote islands that honoured H. M. the Queen are most interesting. The Falkland Islands is well known because of Argentina invading it. Nauru is a rather small, being the 3rd smallest nation in the world with a population of just 11,347. It is in the South Pacific and was known as the Phosphate Rock, until the phosphate ran out. This CrownCover contains a Prooflike 50 Pence of the Falkland Islands highlighted in red white and blue. There is an orb and sceptre on the reverse and H. M. Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. The cover has a full colour photograph of the Queen. There are four stamps from Nauru on the cover, 70c, 80c, 90c and $1.00. A most unusual CrownCover from two remote islands, both still loyal to The Queen.

British Virgin Islands Gold Jub Cover

In 2002 H. M. the Queen celebrated her Gold Jubilee 1952-2002. This large sized CrownCover contains a crown or $1.00 from the British Virgin Islands and two stamps from The Gambia. You have the Queen on horseback similar to the 1953 Coronation Crown with the Queen in profile on the obverse. It is in Prooflike condition and the cover has a full colour photo of the Queen and Prince Philip. The two stamps have the Queen on the edge and two different portraits in the centre. As crowns from the British Virgin Islands are not easy to find, we think you will like this large sized CrownCover, but supplies are limited.

Gibraltar Crown Cover Royal Broadcast

This fantastic CrownCover features Princess Elizabeth with her sister Princess Margaret making a royal radio broadcast during World War II. The crown is from Gibraltar and the stamp is from the United Kingdom both show the same picture of Princess Elizabeth at the microphone. The cover states ‘We shall never surrender’ and ‘Your courage, your cheerfulness, your resolution Will Bring US Victory’. It is both a handsome and a moving tribute to all that the people put up with during the War and how we won because we had the courage. Limited supply and if you collect World War II or royalty or just want something to make you feel good, this is the CrownCover to do it…

Sierra Leone Gold Jub CoinCover

Sierra Leone was a British colony from 1808 until 1961. In 2002 when H.M. Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Golden Jubilee they issued a handsome crown or $1.00 to honour the event. It is in a very large CrownCover. The crown shows the Queen with a very young Prince Charles looking out of a window at Buckingham Palace at the crowds. The cover has four full colour photographs of the Palace and the State Coach. There is also a four stamp souvenir sheet from Britain containing stamps to the value of 45p, 65p, 1st Class and ‘E’. All of the stamps have a different smiling photograph of the Queen. This crown is very scarce and hard to find, it is also Prooflike condition, the souvenir sheet is the first time we have seen it, so we guess both must be scarce and certainly interesting.

Crown Cover Falklands

In 2002 H.M. the Queen celebrated 50 years as our Queen, 1952-2002. The Falkland Islands issued a crown to celebrate the event and it was decked out with red, white and blue banners. You have the Queen on the obverse and again the Queen on horseback on the reverse. The crown is in Prooflike Uncirculated condition and highlighted with red, white and blue banners. It comes in a full colour cover cancelled on the First Day of Issue (FDC). There are four stamps on the cover all from Jamaica and all showing the Queen in four different stages of her life. This makes a most unusual and interesting addition to your collection, after all how many crowns are coloured in red, white and blue?

Gibraltar/Bahamas Coin Cover

In 2002 H. M. Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Golden Jubilee as our Queen, 1952-2002. To honour this event some of the Commonwealth nations issued either crowns or stamps. This is a wonderful Crown Cover from Gibraltar and the Bahamas combined in a First Day Cover (FDC). The Crown shows the Queen looking down at Prince Charles as an infant in his crib. It was issued in 1997 by Gibraltar for hers and Prince Philip’s Golden Wedding Anniversary. The two stamps were issued for the island nation of the Bahamas and cancelled on the First Day of Issue. The cover shows the Queen smiling as is usual and carrying a beautiful bunch of flowers. A most unusual crown and not one that we have seen before, so here is a chance to add to your collection.