Sri Lanka 200 Rupees Plastic P114 Unc

Sri Lanka 200 rupees 1998 P114b Blue and yellow Printed on polymer plastic Issued to mark 50 years of Independence Temple and vignettes of life in Sri Lanka/ Scenes from history including trampling British flag. Unc
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Dated 4th February 1998, this is the only Sri Lankan 200 rupee note ever to be issued and the first polymer note to be issued by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (P114). It celebrates 50 years of Sri Lankan independence in its busy design, which shows a temple and scenes of modern life on the obverse. The back shows the royal palace in Kandy and historical scenes including the arrival of the British. It caused controversy for its depiction of desecrating the Union Jack flag. This note is available in Uncirculated at just £9.50 each

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