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2019 Gold Sovereign

These NEW Queen Elizabeth II 2019 Gold Sovereign are in Brilliant Uncirculated condition and struck in 22ct Gold. They weigh about 8 grams. We think one of the best things about these 2019 Gold Sovereigns is that there is NO VAT payable and when you sell your British Gold Coins there is at the moment NO Capital Gains Tax payable. That could save you a bunch of money sometime in the future. The coins we have are early strikes, that means that they are just a little bit better than the later struck coins. You see the dies wear down and a coin struck at the beginning of a dies usage will be better quality than a coin struck toward the end of a dies life. It honestly makes sense.
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1981 Gold Proof Sovereign

In 1981 the late Princess Diana married Prince Charles, so in the coin trade this coin has always been known as the Charles & Diana Sovereign. You have H.M. Queen Elizabeth II on one side and St. George slaying the dragon on the other side. Each coin is in gleaming Proof condition, the finest grade that you can get. They are struck by the Royal Mint in 22ct Gold and come in their original case. Unfortunately on some of the cases there was a label attached to the case and part of it might still be adhering, but the coins themselves are in perfect Proof condition. Today the Royal Mint is charging £425.00 for this 1981 Proof Sovereign in the original case.

Handmade Capital Plastic Case

We have just found a box of the Capital Case for the George V Collection of Gold Sovereigns of the World. For those of you who do not know Capital, it is an American company that hand makes prestige cases for coins. Each case comes in three parts of the finest archival Perspex on the market. The top, the middle which actually holds the coins and the top. They screw together with plastic screws to protect the coins. This case has space for seven Gold Sovereigns from the seven different Mints that struck them for King George V, Great Britain, South Africa, India, Canada, Australia Melbourne, Australia Sydney and Australia Perth. This is a fantastic case and one that we had Capital make for us. Supplies are very limited and if you have ever wanted to put together a set of King George V Gold Sovereigns, this is your chance. We are offering this case at half its usual selling price!

1912 Year of Titanic Sovereign

In 1912 the unsinkable ship the Titanic hit an iceberg and sank. It is a part of our history that has been told in books and movies. It was unbelievable, yet it actually happened. Many lives were lost and many tails of heroism have come out of that horrible happening. We were recently offered a group of 1912 Gold Sovereigns, the same year of issue that the ship sailed for the first time and just didn’t make it. Memorabilia from that ship brings fantastic monies. We are not in any way saying that any of these coins are connected to the Titanic; were simply saying that they were issued the year the ship was launched and sank. The new Monarch, King George V is on the obverse and St. George slaying the dragon is on the reverse. They are struck in 22ct gold and carry the date 1912. They weigh about 8 grams and are in Uncirculated condition. An interesting coincidence if nothing else…

Victoria Jubilee Head Sovereign

Gold Sovereign from Queen Victoria featuring Jubilee Head portrait. The coins are all selected and many are well above average. All coins are original and genuine and were struck in 22ct (916 2/3rd fine gold).

Edward VII Sovereign

Gold Sovereign from Edward VII. The coins are selected and many are well above average. All coins are original and genuine and were struck in 22ct (916 2/3rd fine gold).
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