South America

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Bolivia 10 Bolivianos 2018 P-New Unc

Bolivia 10 bolivianos nd P-New Blue Three historical figures and view of cave/ Isla de Pescado and hummingbirds. Unc

Bolivia 10 Bolivianos P243 Unc

Bolivia 10 bolivianos d P243 Blue and beige. De Rojas at r/ Monument and view over town. Unc

Argentina 100 Pesos Eva Peron Modified P358 Unc

Argentina 100 pesos P358a Pink and m/c Eva Peron at r/ Females statue seated with children and text Slight modifications on previous design

Colombia 2000 Pesos 2015 P458 Unc

Colombia 2000 pesos 2015 (2016) P458 Blue Debora Perez at r and centre/Cano Cristales Unc

Paraguay 2000 Guaranies 2008 P228 Unc Plastic

Paraguay 2000 guaranies from 2008 (P228) printed on polymer plastic Mauve, pink and green featuring Addela y Celsa Sperati wth Military parade on rear of note. In uncirculated condition.

Colombia 5000 Pesos 2008 P452j Unc

Colombia 5000 pesos from 2008 P452j Green, featuring m/c Asuncion Silva at r/Avenue of trees, moonlight and plinth. In uncirculated condition