Solomon Islands Pizza $5 Silver Crown. Boxed

Rub the coin and it smells of pizza! A great gift even for people who don't collect coins. Struck in .999 silver and supplied in a replica pizza box.
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Firstly, it is not made of pizza but of 999 fine Silver and was issued by the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific. It weighs 20 grams, is a $5.00 coin with Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse and the mintage is a very small 1,500 coins and it was issued in 2015.
What they have done is printed a full colour picture of a pizza on it and impregnated the smell of pizza in the picture. They guarantee approximately 60 rubbings per coin for you to smell the pizza. The box it comes in even looks like a pizza box, in red, white and green, the colours of Italy. Everyone who has seen it loves them, once they get over the disbelief that it actually smells of cooked pizza dough, fresh herbs and melted cheese.

As the Royal Mint charges about £80 for a coin that weighs 30 grams of 925 silver, we think this is quite a bargain.
Think of the fun you can have showing off and rubbing your pizza coin and not just to coin collectors. It comes in a protective capsule inside the pizza box and with a certificate. Remember only 1,500 minted
and we only have about 15% of the mintage for our collectors.
Once the fun is over, you still have a silver crown struck in pure silver.

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