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Elizabeth I, 3rd Issue, Sixpence 1568/7

Elizabeth I, 1558-1603, 3rd Issue, Sixpence 1568/7, mm Coronet (1567-70). Near Very Fine, good portrait. Obverse surface a little pitted and a small clip at 2 o'clock.

George III, Sixpence 1816

George III, 1760-1820, Sixpence, 1816. 1st year of the new type, Choice Uncirculated nice toning

1887 Victoria, Sixpence Wreath Reverse

Victoria, 1837-1901, Sixpence 1887, Wreath reverse. Uncirculated

Queen Victoria JH 6d Shield Choice Unc

In 1887 Queen Victoria allowed the Royal Mint to change her portrait on the coinage. After all it was her Jubilee Year and they had used her Young Head portrait since 1838. The new coins came into being, along with a new denomination, the Double Florin in 1887.

1936 Three Kings Sixpence Fine

These 1936 silver sixpences have the portrait of King George V on them, but they have a far more interesting history. King George V died and his son became King Edward VIII and most of these Sixpences were struck during the reign of King Edward VIII. In December of that year Edward abdicated and his brother became King George VI. While the portrait is that of King George V who knows who was actually on the throne when they were struck. It is an interesting conundrum which will never be figured out.

George V and George VI Pair of Silver Sixpences.

George V and a George VI. Pair of Silver Sixpences. All coins are original and genuine and struck by the Royal Mint, the ones that they are selling and the ones that we are selling are exactly the same. They were made for circulation and are struck in 500 fine Silver. Check out the Royal Mint website and you will see that they are charging £26.00 for each coin or £52.00 for the pair.