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Anne, Sixpence Uncirculated, 1711

Uncirculated with nice light toning, adjustment marks to the 17 of the date, Rare so choice

Edward VI, Silver Sixpence Fine, 1547-1553

Obverse: Facing bust of Edward VI, rose to left and value VI to right. Reverse: Shield on cross. Mintmark Tun. Near Extremely Fine with a superb portrait, an attractive and rare coin especially so choice and the Sixpence is much scarcer than the Shilling

Edward VII, Sixpence, 1906

Gem Brilliant Uncirculated

Elizabeth I, Milled Issue, Sixpence, 1562. Very Fine

Elizabeth I (1558-1603), Milled Issue Sixpence, 1562, Large Bust, Small Rose, mm Star. Very Fine

Elizabeth II, Sixpence Brilliant Uncirculated, 1967

Elizabeth II (1952- ), Sixpence, 1967. Brilliant Uncirculated.

Elizabeth II, Sixpence Proof, 1970

Going back to the time of Elizabeth I, it was tradition for a bride to have a sixpence in her shoe. If her husband beat her, she had enough money to go somewhere and make it all better. Let’s be honest in the 16th Century it went a lot further than it does today. It’s a nice tradition and now a days, a sixpence in your shoe is for good luck, after all today you would have to have a couple of thousand pounds in your shoe. That way the bride would be lopsided going down the aisle. The last Sixpence made for circulation was in 1967, but in 1970 the Royal Mint issued a Proof Set with the last of the pre-decimal coins. Included was a Sixpence dated 1970 and in Proof condition. It is that last ever 1970 Sixpence that we now offer you and yes, they are in Proof condition.