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George VI, English Shilling Gem Uncirculated, 1949

It was in the reign of King George VI that all silver was removed from our coinage and replaced with what we use today, cupronickel. But what many collectors don’t realise is that the cupronickel coins of George VI in choice condition are much rarer to get than choice silver coins of George VI. We purchased a group of the 1949 English Shillings, put away in 1949 and are they super! We have classed them Choice Uncirculated and Gem Uncirculated, the worst coin is far superior to what you see on the market and the finest coins are just about as good as you will ever see. The current catalogue price on this coin is £35.00 in just Uncirculated condition and all of these are much nicer than that. A chance to buy a Choice George VI 1949 English cupronickel Shilling at a price that will please you…

George VI, Scotland, Shilling Uncirculated, 1944

1944 was near the end of the time that the Royal Mint would strike coins in silver, in fact there were only two years left. At that time they issued Shillings with either a Scottish or an English reverse. The Scottish coins had lower mintages and therefore are scarcer. We have a very small group in high grades, but as supplies are limited, we suggest you get in as soon as you can. This coin is offered in Uncirculated condition.

George VI, Scotland, Shilling Uncirculated, 1946

Starting in 1937 the Royal Mint issued two types of Shillings each year, one with an English reverse and one with a Scottish reverse. The Scottish one is always the more difficult to get, as the mintages were always much lower than the English version. We offer the last year that the Scottish Shilling was struck in silver, 1946, to you in an incredible grade. They make an excellent souvenir of when money was money and it was struck in Silver. Offered here in uncirculated condition. Supplies are limited and this is the last Scottish Shilling ever struck.

James I, Shilling, 2nd Coinage, mm Lis, GF

Silver Shilling, 2nd Coinage, Third Bust, mm lis (1604-05). Good Fine Condition, reasonable portrait.

Victoria, Jubilee Head Shilling Extremely Fine, 1887

We have bought a nice group of the 1887 Queen Victoria Jubilee Head Sterling Silver Shillings in Extremely Fine condition, a very high grade. 1887 is the first year of issue of this short lived type. In fact Queen Victoria did not like her portrait on this coin, this design was only issued for two years 1887 and 1888. All of the coins on offer are struck in 1887 in Sterling Silver. You have Queen Victoria on one side with a very small crown on her head. This is what she didn’t like, because she felt that it made her look silly. On the reverse you have a crowned set of arms within a Garter. The coins are Extremely Fine.

Victoria, Old Head Shilling 1893

small letters variety Uncirculated with nice lustre