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Elizabeth I, Shilling, 6th Issue, Mm Key

Elizabeth I, 1558-1603, Shilling, 6th Issue, mm Key (1595-98) Good Fine/About Very Fine

Edward VII, Shilling 1910

Edward VII, 1901-1910, Shilling 1910 (last year of issue), Choice Brilliant Uncirculated with nice light toning.

William IV, Shilling 1834

William IV, 1830-37, Shilling, 1834. Good Very Fine.

Anne Shilling , 1711, Fine

Anne, 1702-14, Shilling, 1711. Fine

George VI Shilling Scottish 1946 Uncirculated

Starting in 1937 the Royal Mint issued two types of Shillings each year, one with an English reverse and one with a Scottish reverse. The Scottish one is always the more difficult to get, as the mintages were always much lower than the English version. We offer the last year that the Scottish Shilling was struck in silver, 1946, to you in an incredible grade. They make an excellent souvenir of when money was money and it was struck in Silver. Offered here in uncirculated condition. Supplies are limited and this is the last Scottish Shilling ever struck.

Queen Victoria Old Head Shilling Fine

The third and last design of the Victorian coinage was the Old Head type issued from 1893- 1901. You have the bust of Queen Victoria wearing a widow’s headdress and the other side has three shields in a circle. The coins are struck in Sterling Silver and were made for every year from 1893-1901. Dates will be of our choice, but the more coins you order, the more different dates we will try and give you. These coins were struck at the end of the longest reign of any British Monarch, although our own Queen is quickly getting close to over taking her. These Queens Shillings are available in different grades to fit more collector’s pockets. The grade offered here us Fine: all details readable and less wear, a very presentable coin.