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Scotland, Scottish Polymer £10 X 3 Diff Replacements (P131/229Q & 371) Unc

All three issuing banks in Scotland have issued polymer £10 notes in the last couple of years. Because notes are occasionally damaged in production there has also been a need to produce replacement notes to make up packs prior to issue. In Scotland, these replacement notes are currently identified by the presence of ZZ in the prefix. These replacement notes are much scarcer than the regular issue and we have always had to rely on beady eyed collectors to rescue them from circulation. These replacement notes are found here and there and in dribs and drabs so we are delighted to be able to offer a set of 3 Uncirculated examples of the Replacement £10 one from each of the issuing Scottish Banks – that is the Bank of Scotland, Clydesdale Bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland. It was quite a task to get this offering together and availability is very limited.
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