Russia (USSR), 5 Roubles State Bank Uncirculated, 1991

Small crownsized cupro-nickel 5 roubles issued by the former USSR in 1991.
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This Uncirculated cupronickel 5 Rouble was issued by the Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) in 1991. There are several interesting things about it; first, it shows the Russian State Bank Building in Moscow which, considering Russia was Communist at the time, is very unusual.
Secondly, this coin is in Uncirculated condition therefore it was struck for circulation or actual usage. Most commemorative Russian coins you see are in Proof condition and therefore struck for collectors. An actual circulating issue is much more difficult to find.
It is small crownsized and in Uncirculated condition and was the largest sized coin struck for circulation at the time. You have the Hammer and Sickle on the reverse with CCCP which is Russian for USSR.

Nice large Uncirculated cupronickel 5 Roubles from a country that no longer exists…