Russia, 1,000 Roubles 1917 P37 GF-GVF

These huge Russia 1000 roubles are dated 1917, the same year as the Russian Revolution (P37) The front has an underprint of a swastika, which at that time was a symbol of peace and did not have the connotations we give it today. On the back a view of the Duma building is in a frame at the centre. Large notes, about the size of our own White £5 note. Crisp GF-GVF at just £12.50
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Austria 1000 Kronen Nd (1919) P59 GEF/Unc

Although this large 1000 kronen note bears the date 1902, it was actually issued in 1919 (P59) At the end of the First World War, the Austrian Hungarian Empire was broken up and Austria became an independent Republic. They are densely engraved in blue. The front has a young girl in a frame with garlands of flowers in her hair. A crowned double headed eagle is at the centre. The back is the same with the addition of an overprint in red of Deutscheossterriech alongside. Available here in Crisp GEF/Unc.

Yugoslavia, 500 billion dinara, 1993, (P137) VF-GVF

The highest denomination note issued during the crazy hyper-inflation period in the early 1990's

Zimbabwe 5 Billion Dollars 2008 P61 Unc

Zimbabwe 5 billion dollars 2008 P61 Mauve on white Design/ grain silos Unc