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Miniature 2012 Queen Elizabeth II Medal

In 2012 Queen Elizabeth II celebrated the 60th anniversary of her ascending the throne 1952-2012. To celebrate this historic event a new Medal or decoration was issued. It showed the Queen with her hair up and wearing a tiara. The reverse has E II R crowned within a set of boxes and the dates 1952-2012. As with most awards, they also issued a miniature for wearing when the full sized original would be too big to wear. It is these miniatures that we now offer you. They are complete with a red, white and blue ribbon and the medal itself is silver plated. We assume these are official, but to be honest we really don’t know. we were offered them, they look fantastic, the price was right and we thought that you collectors might like one (Actual size of medal 18mm).

1935 Silver Medal in Box

In 1935 King George V celebrated his Silver Jubilee and the Royal Mint struck a beautiful medallion to honour the event. You have the conjoined busts of King George V and Queen Mary on one side and Windsor Castle on the other side. These medallions were struck in Sterling Silver and are now 83 years old. To protect them, the Royal Mint issued them in red card boxes, which over the years have gotten damaged and lost. So it was quite exciting when a dealer offered us this group complete in their original red card boxes of issue. Of course the medallions have toned over the years, but then this is what Sterling Silver does. The boxes have seen a little handling but are extremely difficult to find. The Royal Mint also issued a commemorative crown for the Silver Jubilee, so maybe it would be nice to show the two side by side.

Queen Victoria/ Queen Elizabeth II Medal

Today Queen Elizabeth II has surpassed Queen Victoria as our longest serving Monarch, King George III is the third longest serving Monarch. In 2012 International Currency Bureau issued a beautiful crownsized medallion that honoured both Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Victoria on Elizabeth’s 60th anniversary as Queen. It is Prooflike condition and comes in a rather special presentation folder. We thought we were sold out, but found a carton in a store room. We are not raising the price, but today this medal is even more important and more historical. Supplies are very limited.

1977 Silver Jubilee Medal

Issued in 1977 by Sandhill Bullion for the Queens Silver Jubilee, at the time this was one of the most popular medals issued. We believe that they sold almost 2 million of them. They come in a red Sandhill Case and are in Prooflike condition. We have not seen these for years, but a dealer sold us 75 of them and so we are now offering them to you. The medal is crownsized and is now 41 years old.

Official Leather Case for 1897 Medallion

Official leather case for the 1897 Victoria large medallion

1897 large silver medal Extremely Fine

In 1887 the Royal Mint started to issue a series of large sized medallions for historic events such as Coronations and Jubilee’s. The medallion offered here is of Victoria in 1897, produced in silver. Prices at antique fairs for these medallions are, I think extremely high, but I think you will like our prices even more… Supplies are limited.