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2016 Proof Silver Britannia

This is a wonderful offer the 2016 Silver Britannia in Proof condition in the Official Royal Mint case and with all the packaging. You don’t often see the Britannia in Proof, as we believe the mintages are rather low. These were bought on The Continent from one of the Royal Mint distributors. Beautiful coins, original Royal Mint packaging and nice to look at. We think this is the first time that we have any quantity of any Silver Britannia in Proof condition. Even so our supply just might be large enough for the demand we are expecting, after all it is rather beautiful.

Churchill £5 Piedfort

In 2015 the Royal Mint issued a Silver Proof £5 to honour Sir Winston Churchill. For VIP collectors they even issued a piedfort or double the normal thickness of this crownsized coin in Proof Sterling Silver. We believe that when it was issued they sold it for £155.00. Someone in the United States bought a quantity and had them ‘slabbed’; that is graded and put into plastic holders to protect them. Well they came out Gem Proof grading 70 out a possible 70 points.

1977 Silver Jubilee 25p Silver Proof

In 1977 Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Silver Jubilee, that is 25 years as our Queen. The Royal Mint issued a special commemorative Crown to honour the event and it was only the second decimal Crown or 25 pence. It was issued in cupro-nickel for general usage and Proof Sterling Silver for collectors. The demand was high as everyone loved the Queen and in those days were not afraid to show it. Now this crown is 41 years old and is still the best value in Proof Silver British crowns that you can find. Today the Royal Mint charges about £80.00 for a silver Proof crownsized coin.

1982 20 Pence Piedfort

In 1982 the Royal Mint introduced a new denomination, the 20 Pence Piece. As most collectors are aware, it was in fact not a new denomination, but a recreation of the Double Florin which was issued under Queen Victoria from 1887-1890. This coin had many sides and the public immediately liked it. The Royal Mint issued a small quantity of these coins in Sterling Silver Proof but they were double the normal thickness and are called a Piedfort. This is the first Piedfort that the Royal Mint allowed collectors to buy and has proved to be very popular. They are struck in Proof Sterling Silver and come in a blue Royal Mint case of issue.

1981 Silver Proof Charles & Diana Crown. FDC in case

Struck in Sterling Silver measuring 38.61 mm and weighing 28.28 grammes.

2002 Gold Proof Ten Pence. FDC in capsule

Issued to mark the 50th anniversary of the accession of Queen Elizabeth and struck in 22ct gold.