Royal Bank of Scotland Limited, £1, 1972-81 UNC

The new green design £1 issued between 1972 and 1981. Signed by J.B. Burke as Managing Director of The Royal Bank of Scotland
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In 1972, the Royal Bank of Scotland introduced a new design for the £1 note. It was green with the crest of the bank on the front and a view of Edinburgh Castle on the back (P336) This design lasted until 1982 when new regulations meant the bank changed it’s title from Royal Bank of Scotland Limited to Royal Bank of Scotland plc. (see BSR6380)
We recently bought an accumulation of Royal Bank £1 notes dated between 1972 and 1981 with the Limited title and between 1982 -1986 with the plc title.

This is the earlier of the two types as RBS Limited. All our notes are in Crisp Uncirculated.

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