Roman Imperial Coins

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Antoninus Pius AR. Denarius

Antoninus Pius, AD 138-161. AR Denarius. Obverse: Laureate head of Antoninus Pius facing to right. Reverse: VOTA SVSCEP DECENN III COS IIII. Antoninus Pius, togate standing to left and sacrificing over a lighted altar. Near Extremely Fine [S.4140]

Clodius Albinus, 195-197 A.D. Silver Denarius.

Bare head right. Reverse: Minerva standing facing. Very Fine, dark toning

Gordian III, AD 238-244, Silver Drachm. GVF

Silver Drachm of Gordian III struck in Cappadocia, Caesarea in AD 242/3. Good Very Fine

Julia Mamaea Denarius

Julia Mamaea (died AD 235) AR Denarius. Obv. Bust of Augusta facing right, Rev. FELICITAS PVBLICA, Felicitas seated to left holding caduceus and cornucopiae. Virtually as struck with original lustre. {S.8210]

Lucilla, AD 165-169, Silver Denarius, Rev. VESTA

Lucilla, Wife of Lucius Verus, AD 165-169, Silver Denarius, Rev. VESTA, Vesta standing left with altar at feet. [S.5493] Pleasing extremely fine condition.

Philip II (247-249 A.D.) Silver Tetradrachm of Antioch, Syria.

Bust facing right / Eagle standing