Roman Bronze Coins

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Magnentius (AD 350-353), Ӕ Centenionalis. AEF

About Extremely Fine and scarce.

Trebonianus Gallus (251-253 A.D.) AE22. AEF Scarce

AE22 of Trebonianus Gallus struck in Troas (Troy) during the Roman Imperial Period. Near Extremely Fine and Scarce.

Pamphylia, Perge, Maximinus I (235-238 A.D.) AE 25. GVF+

Bronze AE25 minted at Perge, the capital of Pamphylia (modern day Antalya, Turkey) in the reign of Maximinus I.

Domitian, 81-96 A.D., Bronze As. (S.2807) GVF

Bronze As of the Emperor Domitian who was the younger brother of Titus and the son of Vespasian.

Antoninus Pius, 138-161 A.D., Ӕ Sestertius. VF rare

Bronze Sestertius of the Emperor Antoninus Pius.

Aelius 136-38 A.D., Ӕ Sestertius

Bust of Aelius facing right / Pannonia Standing