Roman Bronze Coins

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Hadrian 'AS' Good

Hadrian (A.D. 117-138) was one of the most able and conscientious of Roman Emperors. He spent his reign visiting the vast majority of his provinces. Consolidating and strengthening the Empire’s defences after the expansion by his predecessor, Trajan. The most famous example of his work was Hadrian’s Wall! Which spread from the River Tyne in the East, to the River Solway in the West: at 73 miles (117.5 kilometres) it is the largest Roman monument anywhere in the world! Own a Roman bronze coin of Hadrian called an ‘As’. These are well circulated, I.E Very Good grade, and at a very reasonable price. The coins have his portrait visible but please don’t expect a lot more at this price.

Lucilla, AD164-169, Ӕ Dupondius. Rev. VENUS

Lucilla, Wife of Lucius Verus, AD164-169, Ӕ Dupondius. Rev. VENUS, Venus standing left holding apple and sceptre, SC in field. [S. 5524] Good very fine+ condition.

Magnentius (AD 350-353), Ӕ Centenionalis. AEF

About Extremely Fine and scarce.

Numerian. Æ Antoninianus. PRINCIPI IVVENTVT.

Numerian. A.D. 283-284. Æ Antoninianus. Radiate bust facing right. Rev. Numerian in military attire standing left holding baton and transverse sceptre. KA Δ in exergue. [RIC V.II-361C / S.12252 var.] Good Extremely Fine with almost full original silvering. Scarce in this grade.

Pamphylia, Perge, Maximinus I (235-238 A.D.) AE 25. GVF+

Bronze AE25 minted at Perge, the capital of Pamphylia (modern day Antalya, Turkey) in the reign of Maximinus I.

Philip I, Viminacium, Moesia AE 28.

Philip I (AD244-249), Viminacium, Moesia Superior, AE 28. Obv. Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust facing right. Rev. P M S COL VIM, Moesia standing with arms outstretched between lion and bull. AN V in exergue. Good very fine