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Australia, 1927 Florin Gem Unc

This 1927 Florin was issued by Australia to show off their new Parliament Building in Canberra. It was their first commemorative coin, but then again, they had only been issuing coins since 1910. You have the crowned bust of King George V on one side and the new Parliament Building on the other side. They issued quite a lot of these coins and they are almost common in Fine and Very Fine condition, but in the higher grades they are quite tough to find. This group has this first commemorative in Gem uncircualted, if you want a beautiful example, it would be hard to find better than these…

Australia, One Kilo Silver for Year of the Monkey

Very limited supply of this incredible coin weighing one kilo of fine silver!

Austria, Salzburg, Silver Thaler, 1757. AVF

Austrian States, Salzburg, Archbishopric Sigismund von Schrattenbach, Silver Thaler, 1757. About very fine condition.

Austria, Salzburg, Silver Thaler, 1789. GVF/AEF toned.

Austrian States, Salzburg, Silver Thaler of Hieronymus von Colloredo (1772-1803) dated 1789.

Belgium, 2 centimes, 1876. lustrous GEF (KM.35.1)

Small copper 2 centimes dated 1876. Good Extremely Fine with traces of lustre.

C19th Travelling Sample Case of 21 Replica Coins

Set of 21 replica world coins in silver used as a travelling sample case by a mint representative.

Germany, Oldenburg, 12 Grote, 1816. VF (KM.158)

German States, Oldenburg, 12 Grote (1/6th Thaler) dated 1816. Very fine and scarce

Italy, Tuscany, Testone 1621

Italian States, Tuscany, Ferdinando II de Medici (1621-70), Testone 1621. Very Fine or better and Rare

Mexico, 20 Centavos, 1919. Scarce. GVF (KM.436)

Scarce small silver coin issued by Mexico in 1919

Monaco, 1 Franc, 1924. Choice BU (KM.111)

A one year type coin in choice brilliant uncirculated condition.

Netherlands, 5 cents, 1887. Choice BU (KM.91)

Choice Brilliant Uncirculated Silver 5 cents issued by Netherlands in 1887.

Russia, 5 Kopeks 1791

Russia, Catherine the Great, 5 Kopeks, 1791. Good Very Fine a high grade for this coin. KM59.3

Russia, 5 Kopeks 1793

Russia, Catherine the Great, 5 Kopeks, 1793 E.M., Good Very Fine a high grade for this coin. KM59.3

Serbia, Dinar 1904

Serbia, Peter I, Dinar 1904. Proof. Very rare. KM25.1