Rare Milled Silver Coins George IV 1820 - 1830

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George IV, Maundy Penny Unc

This piece is part of a hoard that laid untouched for over 100 years. A collector hoarded the Sterling Silver Maundy Pennies and put them away in his basement only to be recently discovered and sold to us. The Maundy penny is the coin that most collectors trying to complete date sets are looking for. It is so small that they usually get lost. The quality of these coins is outstanding and they are being offered for much less than the current catalogue price. We bought them right, we are going to sell them right. Illustrated here is the George IV Maundy Penny in Uncirculated Condition.

George IV, Shilling, 1826

Obverse, Bare Head facing left, date below. Reverse, Lion on Crown. Uncirculated with lovely toning.

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