Rare Milled Silver Coins George III 1760 - 1820

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Picture of George III, Halfcrown 'Prooflike' About Uncirculated, 1817

George III, Halfcrown 'Prooflike' About Uncirculated, 1817

Silver Halfcrown dated 1817 with Prooflike obverse and superb toning
Picture of George III, Halfpenny, 1806/7 Very Good

George III, Halfpenny, 1806/7 Very Good

The coinage of King George III is rather strange, it is broken up into two sections, before the Currency Reform Act and after the Currency Reform Act. This Act was passed because of the shortage of coins, which the King because of his illness refused to allow to be made. So what did they do, after the Currency Reform Act of 1816 they struck Silver coins but did not bother to strike copper coins…! So the last design of King George III Halfpennies was issued in 1806 and 1807. It has the King’s bust with lauriate wreath on one side and a seated Britannia on the other side. These are the last George III Halfpences ever to be struck and they were struck in copper. In Very Good condition, which means that they have seen considerable wear
George III_1763_Northumberland_Shilling_obv

George III, Northumberland Shilling 1763

George III (1760-1820) 'Northumberland' Shilling 1763
1787 Shilling Very Fine_obv

George III, Shillling, 1787 Very Fine

Sterling Silver Shilling dated 1787 with the arms of Hanover and France on the reverse.
Picture of George III, Sixpence, 1787 Extremely Fine

George III, Sixpence, 1787 Extremely Fine

These George III Sterling Silver 1787 Sixpences were only struck for circulation for just one year, 1787. What is even more interesting is that they were struck for the Bank of England to give out to their favoured clients around Christmas. You have King George III in an armoured bust on the obverse and four crowns and four shields on the reverse. Today the Royal Mint is charging £95 in Fine. The reverse in some ways is even more interesting than the obverse. As you have the arms of England, Ireland, Scotland, Hanover and France. The coins on offer are very high grade and becoming very difficult to find these days. They are available in Extremely Fine. Remember that this coin is now over 230 years old and in very high quality.